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Flamex Petroleum Limited regards the promotion of Environment, health and safety (EHS) within its business as an essential part of its responsibility. The Company policy is that the development of effective EHS measures is a major objective for it Management Staff.

In pursuit of this policy, Flamex Petroleum Limited commits to:-

  • Comply with the entire legislation relevant to its business operations and EHS standards;
  • Ensure employees/public area are given information, instruction and training as necessary to prevent personal injury, damage of property and environment degradation from foreseeable risk resulting from (EHS) hazards;
  • Ensure Company operations do not adversely affect the local environment or biodiversity flora and fauna;
  • Protecting Health and Safety of both visitors and contractors within its premises and other persons affected by its activities;
  • Continuously seek to sufficient make arrangement to enable employees raise issues of Environment, Health and Safety through the EHS committee;
  • Ensuring appropriate and sufficient assessment of risks on Environment, health and safety within all departments is undertaken, and action plans prioritized, implemented and evaluated.
  • Endeavors to conduct its business so that the environment is preserved.
  • The Company is proactive and endeavors to act as a leader in environmental best practice in its sector.

Within the environment, Health and Safety policy, Flamex Petroleum Limited will do all that which is logically practice to ensure that these commitments are fully implement.

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